Jorns & Associates will help qualify your business and maximize your ERC Refund of up to $26,000 per W-2 employee ...

Jorns & Associates CPA Firm – The Right Choice

  1. Jorns CPA leads in recovery as one of the 3 Largest ERC Specialty CPA firms in the U.S.
    • A staff of over 430 including: CPAs, Forensic Accountants, Compliance Specialists, Tax Attorneys, Retired IRS Agents, IRS Enrolled Agents …
    • Over 13,000 returns filed with Zero rejects or requests for more info by IRS
    • Over $5.5 Billion refunded to Client Businesses so far
  2. Jorns CPA has developed proprietary software (M.A.P.S. – cost of $2.2M)
    • Provides Wage Balancing – Carrying forward extra hours to another quarter
    • Removes chance of human calculation errors
    • Tracks all US City, County, and State Pandemic orders or decrees that applied to each business
  3. Jorns has achieved a published Refund Average of $21,000 per employee compared to other ERC firms’ and CPAs’ average of $5K–$15K
  4. A Jorns CPA Signs and guarantees each 941-X Amended Return
  5. Jorns CPA provides 5 Years of IRS Audit Protection
  6. Jorns CPA carries a $1,000,000 E & O Policy per Amended Return